Me - Oct 2011

This blog is about me ……. its my virtual diary, where I post my thoughts, my worries, my triumphs and my failures. I use this blog as a way of documenting my emotions. I am an emotional person, and often feel overwhelmed by the world and my inability to cope. Posting here helps me to clarify and prioritise my life, a debrief before I load up my poor husband.

My sanity is my sewing.  Mostly clothing for the children, recently a stint with modern cloth nappies, this last year or so has been almost exclusively for myself.   I am learning to make clothes that not only fit but flatter.  I make gifts for friends, and glean a lot of satisfaction from that.  For those that ask, no I don’t sew for profit.  I see no point, and would find it frustrating.

I am the mother of two wonderful people, who are well on the way to their own adult lives, and my angel Isabeau, who will be my baby forever. I am married to the most adorable/infuriating man on the planet, and I am very lucky to have the life that I do.

Welcome to my blog.


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  1. clodagh says:

    Hi Datcat, I popped over to catch up on your blog, I thought I was following you but seems I did something wrong last time. Anyway I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your input on the CM site. I learn a lot from you and you are so kind with your time and helping other. I was about to post a thread tonight about shortening a long sleeve top (the sleeve) and I thought I hope Datcat answers and then I realised that I don’t know your name. Is it Dani? Anyway, love your blog. You are so very talented.

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