The Bookshelf Quilt

Its not often I get inspiration for my quilt making. Unlike my very good friend Raylee of Sunflower Quilting (who is a professional quilter artist!), I am less inclined to challenge myself, preferring to make pretty things that keep people warm.

However, this is the exception to the rule.

Deb is the librarian at the school I work at. She has been with the school for *ahem* many years 😛 . In addition to all the wonderful work she does for the students, she keeps the teachers stocked with lollies and chocolates, she’s the one who does all the recording for sports carnivals, she manages the report producing process, organises the duty timetables, and will jump in and help wherever she is needed. She is a legend.

I came across this tutorial, and it fired the imagination.

Mini Bookshelf Tutorial

I broke my own rule about never cutting out fabrics, or making scrap quilts. I didn’t want to make a mini quilt, so I set about expanding this tutorial, to make a good sized lap quilt. In addition I had to source a jar block tutorial, because Deb’s Library had to have lolly jars.

Deb's quilt

Any book quilt needs a good quote:
Deb's quilt

and a lolly jar or two
Deb's quilt

Raylee put an nice gentle meander quilting over the whole thing; I think a good counterpoint to the straight lines of the books. The fabrics are all left overs from various projects I have done over the last few years. Its like an eyespy quilt but only for me.

And because life isn’t complete without a corner shot.
Deb's quilt

Spine labels out of selvedges. I had to get these from another quilter, as I usually only sew with pre-cuts, and I didn’t have any.

Deb's quilt

And my own form of labelling. Machine stitched using the letters on my sewing machine, straight onto the binding before stitching it on.

Deb's quilt

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One Response to The Bookshelf Quilt

  1. Raylee says:

    The best kind of gift, one from the heart and really specific for the person. Thanks Deb for ll you do for our kids and teachers.

    Awesome label Dani!

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