A weekend of black ………

I don’t sew a lot of black things ……  Its hard to see, requiring frequent stops to rest my eyes.  And sewing black requires the overlocker (and coverstitch) to be rethreaded, something I find tiresome and avoid at all costs.  Which is ridiculous, considering it takes very little time. So, my weekend started with a minor clean up of my cutting table, followed by rethreading the overlocker.

And I was off!!!

First cab off the rank, was my TNT Singer Plus blouse, this time with 3/4 length sleeves in black embroidered cotton. I need to source the buttons for this, but its pretty much done. I will now have a black blouse, to wear with a couple of skirts that are bordering on orphans at the moment.


Next along, was another TNT, the StyleArc Amber blouse, in a light cotton lawn. I faced the neckline of this one, rather than binding, and I am preferring the clean lines. I wonder if I will ever make this pattern up as its mean to, with the piped facings?


And finally, a re-purpose of an old skirt. This tiered boho skirt, is a lovely comfortable skirt to wear, and I have had it for a couple of years. But, the shirring is aging, and really it is a tiny bit too long, tripping me up occasionally.

Boho skirt remakeBoho skirt remakeBoho skirt remake

The skirt has a lining, so I staystitched along just under the elastic, to anchor the lining. Then I cut off the shirring just above the stitching line.

I used my KwikSew lounge pants pattern, cutting out a set of waistband yokes. I have used this yoke on a couple of other items, and its quite a versatile waist treatment. Elastic was some very wide underwear elastic I had in the stash, stitched to the upper seam and enclosed into the yoke. I basted the open edges together with a 3 step zigzag.

Boho skirt remakeBoho skirt remakeBoho skirt remake







Then, its just a matter of stitching the yoke to the top of the skirt, stretching to fit, again using 3 step zigzag. I then ran the seam through the overlocker, just to finish everything off.

Boho skirt remake

This a much more stable waistline, and an added benefit, it has shortened the skirt by a couple of inches, eliminating the trip hazard caused by my height. I expect another couple of years out of this skirt.

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