Born again ………..

Christians, non-smokers, grey nomads, amway salesmen, SAHM’s ….. born again botherers …. the lot of them.

Firstly a definition: A “born again” is somebody who for one reason or another, either got off, or were never on… the god/non smoking/parenting/amway train ….. but then magically “discovered” it at a later point in their lives. Convinced that this life choice was the turning point in their lives, which they not only invented, but they are privy to some sort of secret code, that they feel a deep and desperate need to inflict on you, usually unasked for. This heartfelt advice is usually a judgement of you wrapped up in supposed concern.

**** Disclaimer: please be aware I am talking about “born agains” here. Regular christians, normal old non-smokers, your average granny traveller, and most parents are perfectly sensible. I can’t vouch for amway salespeople …. they are a weird bunch.*****

Today I encountered a born again fitness trainer. This is a person that not only decided that she might do a bit of exercise to be healthy, but then embarked on some sort of “life transformation” (code for training apparently), so that she can be better qualified to guilt others into exercising too. After discussing my recent brush with excruciating pain (aka gall bladder removal), she announced that in 6 weeks she would be a qualified trainer, and then she would make a point of catching up with me. She then went on to say that there is no fat genes, and everyone just needs to ………….. (insert fanatical babble here, I zoned out).

What is it that makes a born again think that they can inflict their judgement on others? At no point did I say that I was interested in having a personal trainer, nor did I ask for assistance to lose weight. Yes I am quite aware that based on society expectations I should be doing something, but at no point did I say that I wanted her help. As far as I am concerned she said that I was fat, and that only she could cure me. and the best part? apparently I had no say in that decision.

We shall see …….

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