Sheer Lunacy !!

Or alternatively ….. how to send yourself bonkers by diving off the deep end.

As I have said before, this year is the year of sewing for me.  To that end I sent almost all my baby fabrics to my sister (sigh .. and then promptly bought more).  In particular, I pared my nappy fabrics down to a single container, as I am pretty much over the things now.  I have committed myself to making a new set of “ninny jocks” as N#1 calls them, hence the purchase of new kids fabric.   But, this top for me has been waiting to be finished, and I decided that I had to stop procrastinating, and I wasn’t allowed to sew the jocks until the top was finished.    Pattern is the Ottobre 02/2010 – Design 11. Journal -Tunic and Dress combination.

First the dress (fabric Baby Pink California Knit – from CraftyMamas) – a very simple design, except Ottobre seem to be in love with using lastin (clear elastic) for just about everything.  After unpicking my first attempt, I gave up and went back to gathering the way I have been for the last 20 or so years.  The neckline and armholes were supposed to have the same elastic to support them, but I used my new cover stitch machine to bind them.

Pink undershirt

Next the tunic (fabric Toptex Sheer Euro knit – from CraftyMamas) – Again a simple design, and except for the fixation with lastin, very easy to make. EXCEPT if you are trying to use a sheer, slippery fabric for it. I couldn’t coverstitch, as the fabric just couldn’t take the tension, no matter how I fiddled. Same goes for zig zag on the regular machine. Overlocking was ok, but tended to ripple. So the neckline especially, needed support. I grabbed some of the sew in interfacing that I use for tracing, and overlocked that on the edge, turning up for the hem, and then trim back the interfacing to the seam line. This produced a very neat finish, with no stretching out. The neckline feels firm and secure, and sits great against my torso …. so a win there.

The front of the neckline is a hemmed finish, but the back is faced. The technique to put them together is one I used ages ago, and I was dubious about it, but the finished result was great.
perfect shoulder join

Next, gathering the bodice to the skirt panels. Here again, Ottobre wanted to use lastin, but I learnt my lesson ages ago, and just ran a couple of gathering stitches. I think you get a much more even result, certainly it is much easier to control the look of the finished product.
front and back on

And finally the finished product. I was concerned that the shoulder seams were further back on my shoulders than expected, until I went and had a look at the magazine, and that is actually the way it was designed rather than a mistake of mine. That was a relief. The pale pink under the sheer makes the fabric look a bit muted which isn’t a bad thing. The design is quite flattering for a big person, and the use of an A-line skirt panel rather than a gathered rectangle lends a bit of elegance that is often lacking in plus sized clothing. This is an item that I will definitely be wearing.

finished outfit

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2 Responses to Sheer Lunacy !!

  1. Marie says:

    Nothing wrong with jumping in the deep end…seems you have handled it well as you have created a lovely tunic.

  2. Clo says:

    Great job Dani, you make it look so easy, lol. Are u loving your CS machine?

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