Summer Sewing

While I didn’t get as much sewing over the summer break as I would have liked, I did finish a few items.  My energy levels were terrible, and I was having almost constant headaches, so focussing was difficult.

My priority last year and this year, is work friendly clothing.  Stuff that is comfortable and sensible, but better suited to my figure (or lack of it).  I decided that it was time for A-line skirts and a good fitted shirt.

The A-line is an Ottobre pattern, altered for my comfort requirements.  Instead of a fitted waist, I add 3 inches width at the centre back, leave out the zip and kick split, stitch the waistband on leaving openings at the side seams, and then insert elastic across the back.  The result is a comfy skirt that looks professional from the front.  Since I don’t usually have tucked in shirts, the elastic doesn’t look out of place.

Red and black sateen
Black and red outfit

Pink Linen
Pink Linen Skirt

Navy and cream sateen
Navy paisley skirt

To match to the skirts, I have made a couple of tshirts, using a free pattern I found online. I did have to do an FBA on these tops, and the resulting top is gorgeous, and a step up from a regular shirt.

Black – in a heavy poly knit.
Black and red outfit

Navy – in a heavy cotton/lycra
Navy sweetheart neckline top

I am waiting for some coordinating fabric for a blouse for the pink skirt. I have one more skirt, and two more tops on the project list, and then I think my work wardrobe will be set for a while.

Red and black
Black and red outfit

Navy and cream – taken indoors as it was 41C outside, and I ain’t burning my feet on the veranda in that.
Navy paisley skirt

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2 Responses to Summer Sewing

  1. Christine Schwab says:

    These are all lovely, and so fitting for your work wardrobe. Love the neckline on your blouse!

  2. Jessie Cunliffe says:

    Love these outfits Dani. I’m on the larger side and haven’t worn skirts for ages, yours are making me have a re-think.


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