Xmas Sewing 2016

A quick scroll through my photo albums, shows that I have been particularly slack with documenting my sewing for the last few months.  Those that know me, would understand that this has been because I was diagnosed late last year with Thyroid Cancer, and I had surgery for that cancer in January 2017.  This has taken up my time, energy and attention as you can imagine.  So I apologise, but I will be doing a couple of “catch up” posts.

To start with, I have my xmas sewing.  Primarily I tend to hand make small gifts for my work friends.   I try to get them done through the year.  Some years I make the same for everyone, and some years, I make a bunch of different things. For 2016, I went for multiples in a small number of things.

Xmas table runners – I made 3 of these.  Thankfully I keep my gift lists every year, so I made sure these went to recipients who didn’t get runners from me in previous years.

table runner

Just one of this set – this didn’t end up going to a work friend. Instead I donated the set to go in a donation basket from my work to a local family who needed support.
Placemats and table runner

Two potholders and a matching tea towel – I made two sets of these, a good way to use up the dribs and leftovers from a jelly roll.
Potholders and teatowel

Star decorations – I made 7 sets of these, a very handy pattern. I went monochrome this year, and was quite please with these.
Xmas stars

Makeup pouches – I made 8 of these, and I think they were the best of everything. Made using scraps of silk (repurposed obi’s) with quilted satin linings, I filled these with a mini handcream or soap.
silk makeup pouch

I didn’t photograph everything, because ….. well because I just didn’t. Still they were all well received.

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  1. Lyndle says:

    Wow! These are lovely gifts. Great ideas and well chosen fabrics. I am very impresse. Sorry to hear about your illness, and hope you are on the mend and allowing your body the time it needs.

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