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Mental health check

Having suffered mental health issues as a teenager, I am aware of my “balance”. When I am feeling the strain, and when I know that my brain needs to cut it out and give me a break.  Sometimes these moments … Continue reading

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I am all peopled out!

This is the standard statement that my sister says.  She often says that she suffers from “social aversion”.  She doesn’t particularly like people, dislikes crowds, will not go to parties, and hates shopping.  Its a quirk of her personality, that … Continue reading

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A restrained Easter

I have written before, about my habit of going overboard for major events.  My childhood was one of poverty and that meant that xmas, birthdays and easter saw all of us as kids, only receiving the bare minimum, and occasionally … Continue reading

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And this weeks “astonishing” prize goes to…….

My nephew’s primary school. Now, working in a school myself, I am well aware of the frustration of losing stuff.  Some parents seem to feel that the loss of an un-named sweater or hat, is somehow the fault of the … Continue reading

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A family tradition …. Potholders

My sister and I used to receive a set of potholders and tea towels for xmas, every year …. from our grandmother. They were never very expensive ones, usually bought from the cheapy shop, but still our grandmother has lots … Continue reading

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A line in the sand

Today marks the next step in my life.  Today I returned the last of materials I had in my home, that were part of my involvement in a charity group.  I have resigned. Now, lets say now, the cause was … Continue reading

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Are you beautiful?

I’m not ….. I know that. Now before I get howled down, about how I need to accept my inner beauty, be a beautiful light, and many other such trite’isms …. please be aware, acknowledging my lack of beauty doesn’t … Continue reading

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Who would you thank in your life?

I would like to thank ……. Naked Margaret. Yep … naked. As a 12 year old girl, with a depressed and uninterested mother who had left her husband (my father) for the last time, Naked Margaret was a surprising, brief … Continue reading

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I am a terrible Facebook friend

If you need help with anything, I’ll be there.  If you are sick, I will cook with you.  If you need an emergency babysitter, I will take on your sprogs.  I may not make anything for you at your request, … Continue reading

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Avon ….. business or religion?

A couple of weeks ago, I encountered an Avon rep, touting from a stall at the front of my local shopping centre. Now my usual Avon lady is a bit erratic, and I am lucky to get brochures on time, … Continue reading

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