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14 Nov

Where has this year gone!

Ok this year time has flown so fast.  Seems like it was only a couple of months ago I was with the in-laws for Christmas.  Now we are planning to have my family over this year.  Three brothers, their partners and kids, my Mum and Dad and my wife and kids.  It will be a full house, a very full house.  They are all coming down from Queensland, with this being the start of my parents “Grey Nomad” experience.

So my parents and my eldest brother will be down in their respective caravans, my middle brother will be staying near our place in a cabin and hopefully my little brother will be down for a few days staying at our place or in a cabin.  My little brother is overcoming a bought of cancer and the subsequent treatment, he is doing really well and will have the results of his latest checkup just before Christmas.

I have had a lot of things happen over the last few weeks but will put them up in other posts soon.

11 Oct

Canberra EV Festival

On October the 4th Canberra hosted an Electric Vehicle festival on the grounds of old parliament house.  At the show was a complete range of Electric and Electric assist vehicles (hybrid).  Two old Detroit Electric cars at one extreme and a Tesla Roadster at the other.  Along with the large companies showing off their almost electric Hybrid cars (actually not at all electric, they still get all their energy from petrol) there was a great collection of home conversion cars.  I met, in person some people and cars that I had researched on the internet.

Really has got me thinking… it would not be that hard to pull together the gear for an electric bike.  Of course I might have to learn how to, weld, cut metal and design stuff… also a shed full of tools might help, don’t have many of them.

Anyway it was fun and inspirational, here are a few links to get you going..

Hope this inspires you.

07 Sep

Father’s Day

I had a great day yesterday.  I was given some shirts, a diary, Turkish delight and musk lollies.  After breakfast we went to Temora, home of the famous Temora Aviation Museum

Temora has the philosophy that all its exhibits must be not only capable of flying but are flown regularly.  They have approx 6 flying days a year where more than half their planes are flown.  These are not big aerobatic events, but the planes are put through their paces on a small field close to the crowd.  These guyswant their planes to be still flying in 50 years.

Yesterday they were flying their Sabre for the first time in public, such a great plane.  They also had a visiting FA 18 Hornet.  The hornet performed a “Power Display”, man that thing was amazing.  They seem to fly it like a rally driver drives a car.  They point the nose in the direction they want to go then floor it, the more tail slide the better!

You can see some of my photos on Flickr.

01 Sep

Telecommunications is a wonderful thing

Ok as you saw we had “issues” with our phone. Yesterday morning the repairman came and climbed up the pole at the back of the house (yep pole, yep backyard, Canberra is a strange place) and tested the line. Well needless to say it was BAD, so 4 or 5 poles later he found the offending junction, once fixed he tested the line to confirm the fine was working. All good.

So last night I reconfigured the modem to ADSL2+ ( I was running ADSL2 for stability) and the “new” connect speeds exceed 10Mbs. Compaired to 0.6Mbs while it was faulty and 3.6Mbs “before” the fault I am very happy.

30 Aug

Faulty Phone

For the last few weeks the home phone has been incredibly noisy. I believe it is something to do with all the wind and rain, as we have an aerial lead in line to the house. I have looked at the cabling under the house (which is not very pretty) and determined that it is all sound and dry.

It has got worse just lately, the last 5 days we have no dial tone and anyone ringing us just rings out. I bypassed our central adsl filter (conveniently located right in the middle under the house) with no improvement. During this time our ADSL speed has dropped to 1/6th of what it normally is to a pitifully low 0.5Mb a second.

The technician is due tomorrow morning so hopefully it will be resolved.

Sorry for anyone trying to contact us… however our mobiles still work.

27 Aug

Evacuated – 4:15 am

Ok we had a rude awakening this morning as a way too loud policeman was bashing on our door. Seems that some nutter had stolen a tradesman’s van, taken some tools and then dumped it in the park over the road.  They then decided to torch it.

The fire brigade got there about 2:30 and had the fire suppressed fairly quickly.  However when they inspected the wreck they noticed one or more compressed gas tanks in the back.  Closer inspection showed them to be Oxy-Acetylene.  They checked the tempreture of the tanks and confirmed they were still rising due to “internal activity”.

At that time the bomb squad was called and an exclusion zone with a radius of over 200 meters was created.  That included our house.

I need sleep right now.

07 Jul

Camera Fixed!! — NOT

Ok so my Pentax K10d was in my bags when I fell off my motorbike and it has been away to be fixed. Basically the camera was sound however it would not read any SD card. Repair was a new mainboard as the connector plug had snapped off.

Well I got it back today, let me tell you I am not happy. The camera recognises the SD card now but does not detect any of my automatic lenses. Sees them all as full manual.

So I have to take it back and get it looked at again. Man I am shitty how can they let this camera out as fixed and not even turn it on!

26 Apr

Motorcycle update

Ok so it has been over 5 weeks since I fell off my Triumph. As you know they wrote of the Triumph and I have been looking around for a new bike. After a few test rides I decided to go for a brand new bike with a few less horses than the Triumph. The Trump was great but always bigger than I needed.

So what did I pick? The Suzuki GSX650F this is basically a fully faired Suzuki Bandit 650. Great frame, riding position and responsiveness. The 4 cyl, 4 stroke, fuel injected 650cc motor is great, revving all the way up to 14,000 rpm. The only thing I don’t like about it… the muffler! It is HUGE.

What do you think?

26 Apr

Brother’s Cancer Update

Ok so my brother has had all but one round of Chemo now. His latest PET scan gave him an all clear so that is great. Now they have to decide to do two rounds of radiation treatment to be sure. Either way he will be home in June at the latest.

Way to go Bro’.

23 Mar

Accident update

Ok so it is just over two weeks after the accident with the bike. I am off the crutches and just using a walking stick at the moment. I should be off that in a week at most. The burn is almost fully healed and the swelling is mostly gone, I am going to have a checkup with the doctor later this week.

I got a call from the insurance company about the bike, basically they stop counting when the parts got up to $13,000, no labour just parts. So it looks like I am in the market for a new bike.

08 Mar

Feeling sore and sorry

Well it had to happen some time, I came of the bike today.  I am ok a swollen knee with some skin burned off.  I was wearing my full kit on, my big boots, draggin jeans, jacket with armor, leather full gloves and my new full face helmet.

Basically I had a bad headache this morning, one day into a 3 day ride, but it was starting to feel better and decided that I would be right to ride home.  However about 100 kms into the ride I was taking it nice and easy, around a mid speed right-hander max about 60km/h, I made some room for a 4 wheel drive coming the other way.  However I gave them more room than the road allowed, I knew I was a little wide and with my headache I did the wrong thing, I should have tapped the rear brake and lent over a little more. Instead I eased of the throttle and stood the bike a little more upright.  This took me onto the shoulder of the road and the bike decided it didn’t want to be under me any more.

I am not sure if I high sided it (me thrown over the bike) or low sided it (the bike laying down infront of me) but based on the fact I was in front of the bike at the end and the bike had damage on both sides I think I went over it.  I think the bike may be a right off, all plastic panels are broken or scratched, I have broken the rear break lever, front brake master cylinder and twisted the front handle bars (not sure if the frame is twisted or just the handle bars in the clamps).  Will be ringing the insurance company in the morning.

My right knee is sore and puffed up (x-rays tomorrow) left knee has a small scratch, my right hand is bruised and my chin has a tiny nick, but nothing is as dented as my ego.

Dani, my darling, has been great, brought me home and looked after me, love you sweetie.

Will have some photos of the bike in a day or too.

Now I will have to unpack my bags and see if my gear is intact, including my camera.

Here is what my knees look like after 36 odd hours.

Sore Knee

Here’s what the bike looked like:
My Bike

09 Dec

Daughter’s Yr 10 Formal

Ok this won’t be a post about how old this makes me feel…

My daughter is going to her Yr10 Formal in just over 1 hour and I will be spending most of that time taking photos of her prior to driving her to the event.

Photos coming here.
School Formal 119

School Formal 116

25 Nov

Little brother has cancer

A couple of weeks ago my brother was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  He went to his doctor about an enlargement in one of his lymph nodes in his neck.  After two biopsy’s they confirmed that he had Cancer.  A full body scan showed another enlargement in his chest cavity, indicating Stage 2 lymphoma.

He start chemotherapy this Friday in Townsville.  He has had to move himself and his family 900km’s into a Cancer Council provided apartment for 6 months.  His wife, nine month old boy and himself had to packup his house, arrange for it to be leased out and relocate in the space of a week.  His employer has been fantastic, arranging leave and covering his income until his income insurance kicks in.

The outcome looks good, he is fit and healthy and the success rate for curing this form of cancer is over 90%.  My thoughts go to his lovely wife that will be bearing the load of looking after him and their son.

(Wedding in 2205)

(Wedding in 2005)

25 Nov

Movember almost done

So the month is almost done, my Mo’ is getting fuller and the grey is really showing.

To donate to my Mo you can either:
1. Click this link Movember and donate online using your credit card or PayPal account, or
2. Write a cheque payable to ‘Movember Foundation’, referencing my
Registration Number 1975781 and mailing it to:

Movember Foundation
PO Box 292
Prahran VIC 3181

10 Nov

Movember Update #1

Tony's Fledgling Mostache

Tony's Fledgling Mostache

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