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05 Oct

Two Wheel Upgrade

After the last couple of rides with the Fat Bastards Tourers, it was obvious that if I wanted to ride with them more regularly I needed to upgrade my transport to something more than 250cc.  My Honda Forza scooter has been the picture or reliability and practicality, taking me to and from work every day […]

10 May

Difference between Car and Motorcycle Repair shops

My little scooter went in for its 30,000Km service early this week.  New tires were also required so I had a set of Michelins fitted at the same time.  Since I purchased the bike from this shop I automatically get a loan bike. Now when I put my car in for a service I get […]

06 Apr

New GPR Muffler

I purchased a new muffler for my Forza last week and fitted it yesterday. The G.P.R muffler is made in Italy and imported into Australia by GPS imports and sold for the very reasonable price of $499 (AU). The recommended this muffler over the Giannelli and leo vince systems, providing better sound and performance than […]

24 Feb

Front Plates

Road authorities in Australia are contemplating the introduction of front number plates on motorcycles and scooters.   They estimate the cost to introduce will be approx $70.6 million over 10 years, $10 million of that in an Education campaign. Ok so what is the pressing reason for front number plates?  Why do we need to align […]

30 Jan

Back on the Road

Today is a great day.  I got my scooter back today after 2 and a half months at the shop… yep 2.5 months.  The guy’s finally got the Stator back from the reconditioner in Melbourne and fitted it. I got to ride it home today and seems ok (if a little dusty from the time […]

07 Nov

Monday Ride

I went on a motorbike ride with some friends on Monday. It was a little bleak and cold but the ride itself was great. View Larger Map Approx 460Km round trip on my little scoot. Some photos up on Flickr

13 Nov

Snowy Ride Report

Last weekend (11 & 12 November) I took part in the Honda Snowy Ride. This ride occurs every year and raises money for the Steve Walter fund for fighting childhood cancer.

23 Jul

Upcoming Ride

I have decided to join the Snowy Ride this year. Before you all say, yes I know I have a scooter, yes I know I will have to ride it up the biggest mountains in Australia. However I am sure me and my Honda Forza will be able to handle it well. I will update […]

28 May

Getting Cold

Well over the last 2 weeks it has been getting very cold in Canberra in the mornings. Every morning has been below zero degrees Celsius and we have had a minimum of -4 one morning. You all might be wondering if I still think the scooter was a good idea. Well I am still riding, […]

13 May


Ok today I did the test to get my Provisional Motorcycle License and as you guessed I have passed! So I have 6 months on my P’s plates and 12 months to a fully open license.

12 May

Photographic Prize

I just got a real nice email today from the Honda Riders Club of Australia. I put the photo below into a competition and it seems I have been selected as a sub category winner! I am still in the running for the major prize that they will draw at the end of the year. […]

08 Nov

Drivers as a reflection of our society

I know by the end of this post I am going to sound like an old man talking about the good old days, but you know what I don’t care!

29 Aug

New Scooter

Ok got my scooter today and have ridden it around a bit. Man this is fun. 🙂 BUT boy do I have to keep an eye out for other road users.

27 Aug

Rider Training

Down in the ACT we have to learn how to ride a motor bike before they give us a license. Not a bad idea at all. So today I spent half the day at rider training and tomorrow I will do the same. Good news, I didn’t fall off. Bad news, didn’t to too well […]

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