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07 Sep

Father’s Day

I had a great day yesterday.  I was given some shirts, a diary, Turkish delight and musk lollies.  After breakfast we went to Temora, home of the famous Temora Aviation Museum.  Temora has the philosophy that all its exhibits must be not only capable of flying but are flown regularly.  They have approx 6 flying days a […]

07 Jul

Camera Fixed!! — NOT

Ok so my Pentax K10d was in my bags when I fell off my motorbike and it has been away to be fixed. Basically the camera was sound however it would not read any SD card. Repair was a new mainboard as the connector plug had snapped off. Well I got it back today, let […]

17 Aug


I got one of my photos in the local Canberra Times yesterday. A reporter from the paper joined the Canberra Flickr group for a walk through Tidbinbilla Nature reserve with the aim of writing a feature in the “Arts” section of the Saturday paper.  The reporter was great, genuinely interested and really great to talk […]

12 May

Photographic Prize

I just got a real nice email today from the Honda Riders Club of Australia. I put the photo below into a competition and it seems I have been selected as a sub category winner! I am still in the running for the major prize that they will draw at the end of the year. […]

12 Mar

Rally of Canberra

I have spent the last two day getting covered in Dust and sunburnt. I Loved it!!! Look here (set the time to 1 sec)

25 Sep

Cowra Japanese Garden

Yesterday our family and some good friends of mine, Jase & Bec, went to Cowra for the Cherry Blossom Festival. We had a great day and took lots of photos. Cowra was the location for a POW camp in WW2, holding Japanese captured by Australian Soldiers. After Peace in the Pacific Cowra became the centre […]

18 Jun

Photo Night

Last night on the news we saw an article on World Refugee Day and that some buildings in Canberra were specially lit for the night. So my daughter and I braved the 5 degree night and shot some photos. Rugged up we went out and passed the fountain lit in neon blue, we found a […]

24 Feb

Pentax *ist Ds Review

Ok a little while back I told you all that I had got a new camera. A very nice new digital SLR from Pentax. Now for all you out there that don’t know what SLR means I found this great definition: An SLR or single-lens reflex is really designed for the enthusiast photographer or the […]

14 Jan

New Camera

Ok so as I said before I have a new camera. I have been eyeing off this model since I saw the first review back in September last year. My old camera is a Pentax K1000, a fully manual SLR, that has served me faithfully for nearly 20 years. So this Digital camera that promised […]

08 Jan

Photos of the Romavilla Winery

Winery front,originally uploaded by Splinter. When I first left school I worked at the Romavilla winery for about one and a half years. It was great, I learnt a lot and worked fairly hard. I recently visited again and here is a collection of photos that I took while there. Enjoy

08 Jan

First Picture

Orange Sunset,originally uploaded by Splinter. Ok here is the first (real) picture out of the new camera. Very nice sunset for the first day with my new camera.

07 Jan

New Camera

Ok it’s offical I am SPOILT! Today I bought a new camera, one I have been eyeing for a while. So I am the proud new owner of a Pentax *ist Ds Digital SLR. This is a wonderful camera and I will soon figure out how to take a photo so you can all see […]

27 Oct

New Photo’s with new lens

Transparent Thought, originally uploaded by Splinter. I bought a new lens for my old Pentax K1000 SLR. I then proceeded to take 40 odd photos in and around Brisbane. Here is one of my favourites.

26 Oct

Brisbane City Trees

city trees 2.JPG, originally uploaded by Splinter. A little while back I realised that I liked photography and was not doing enough. While I was in Canberra I took many photos and have posted quite a lot here. Well it is time I started showing off my home city of Brisbane. These beautiful Morten Bay […]

30 Sep

Flickr Photo’s

Garden 021, originally uploaded by Splinter. Ok I have found this new site (in Beta) called flickr. It allows you to create public and private galleries and as you can see post blog entries from them. This is a nice single rose I photographed in Canberra.

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