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16 Apr

Electric Motobike Project

Ok so I get out from in front of the computer on the weekends I have decided to start a little project, ok maybe not so little.  I am going to convert a Suzuki RG250 motorcycle into an electric bike for commuting.

11 Oct

Canberra EV Festival

On October the 4th Canberra hosted an Electric Vehicle festival on the grounds of old parliament house.  At the show was a complete range of Electric and Electric assist vehicles (hybrid).  Two old Detroit Electric cars at one extreme and a Tesla Roadster at the other.  Along with the large companies showing off their almost […]

26 Apr

Motorcycle update

Ok so it has been over 5 weeks since I fell off my Triumph. As you know they wrote of the Triumph and I have been looking around for a new bike. After a few test rides I decided to go for a brand new bike with a few less horses than the Triumph. The […]

23 Mar

Accident update

Ok so it is just over two weeks after the accident with the bike. I am off the crutches and just using a walking stick at the moment. I should be off that in a week at most. The burn is almost fully healed and the swelling is mostly gone, I am going to have […]

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