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07 Sep

Father’s Day

I had a great day yesterday.  I was given some shirts, a diary, Turkish delight and musk lollies.  After breakfast we went to Temora, home of the famous Temora Aviation Museum.  Temora has the philosophy that all its exhibits must be not only capable of flying but are flown regularly.  They have approx 6 flying days a […]

10 May

Difference between Car and Motorcycle Repair shops

My little scooter went in for its 30,000Km service early this week.  New tires were also required so I had a set of Michelins fitted at the same time.  Since I purchased the bike from this shop I automatically get a loan bike. Now when I put my car in for a service I get […]

09 Aug

Creative Prose

My son’s (8 years old) homework includes the standard question “Make a sentence that includes your spelling words”.  So her are a few from his latest collection: A shield get(s) battered and dented, a sword gets blood on it, the dark side is doomed. Fourth does not get on the podium. Why do I have […]

25 Sep

Cowra Japanese Garden

Yesterday our family and some good friends of mine, Jase & Bec, went to Cowra for the Cherry Blossom Festival. We had a great day and took lots of photos. Cowra was the location for a POW camp in WW2, holding Japanese captured by Australian Soldiers. After Peace in the Pacific Cowra became the centre […]

15 Aug

Going on two

Well I am doing it! I am going to be using two wheels to get to work very soon.

10 Aug

A day in the Capital

Ok today was an interesting day, started as usual driving to work. Like most people, I have to be careful of other traffic and pedestrians, however this morning I had to give way to a kangaroo as it crossed the road in front of me. Lunch time saw me drive to the city to have […]

22 Oct

File Extension?

Other than being really windows based, as OSX and BeOS and Unix don’t care about file extensions, I decided to give this Quiz a run. Which File Extension are You?

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