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31 Mar

Big News!

Ok well things that have been on simmer for a while have come to the boil. I have been offered and accepted a new role and promotion down in Canberra. This means that in the next 2 – 4 weeks I am going to have to pack up the whole family and move them. So […]

01 Mar


Ok now this is not about my relationship with my wife (that’s actually going very well, thank you very much), I am getting frustrated with the lack of response from parts of the company I work for. I can’t go into details (don’t want to have to write one of those “I’ve been fired” posts), […]

08 Jan

First Picture

Orange Sunset,originally uploaded by Splinter. Ok here is the first (real) picture out of the new camera. Very nice sunset for the first day with my new camera.

11 Dec

Noisy Neighbours

Well, its Saturday night and the neighbours are having a party. Nothing unusual you say … and normally I would agree with you. This street is a great street …. a combination of young families with babies, a large extended arabic immigrant family, a couple of christian asians, some guy with a horse trailer we […]

10 Dec

Green Frog

Frog Danger,originally uploaded by Splinter. We found this guy on our back secruity screen, where the dog was pestering him. So we decided he had to be taken out the front and into the garden. Check out the other images at

05 Dec

Rain, Rain

It has been great over the last few days. Rain and storms keeping the place very cool. I am now just wishing it would travel west and give some relief to our farmers as they have had drought conditions for several years now.

27 Oct

New Photo’s with new lens

Transparent Thought, originally uploaded by Splinter. I bought a new lens for my old Pentax K1000 SLR. I then proceeded to take 40 odd photos in and around Brisbane. Here is one of my favourites.

26 Oct

Brisbane City Trees

city trees 2.JPG, originally uploaded by Splinter. A little while back I realised that I liked photography and was not doing enough. While I was in Canberra I took many photos and have posted quite a lot here. Well it is time I started showing off my home city of Brisbane. These beautiful Morten Bay […]

17 Oct


Well after the last three months providing the lowest rainfall on record, bushfires and drought, it is raining and has been most of the day!!! 10mm and counting, by the sounds of it will be raining all night.

08 Oct

Fire’s in and around Brisbane

Ok today it got to 36o degrees celsius today and wind gusts up to 66Km/hr. Since this is the 3rd or 4th day in a row of high temperatures and winds several fires have broken out around the city. These have mostly been grass and bush fires, however due to the layout of Brisbane and […]

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