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21 Dec

Why Firefox?

To assist a friend of mine and to restate the reasons why I recommend and only use Firefox, I will explain my position below. Firefox is the a web browser from the same organisation that makes Mozilla. It is designed to provide basic browsing functionality with extendable plugin capabilities. Firefox is: Easy to use Provides […]

09 Nov

Firefox 1.0 is OUT!

Ok so the first full version of Firefox is out. Get it now…

18 Oct


Ok it is now one of the biggest problems in desktop systems. According to Dell and The Financial Express approx 90% of all [Desktop] computers are infected by spyware. A new site GetNetWise gives some basic pointers on how to avoid and remove spyware. My basic advice: Install a personal firewall that detects outgoing connections […]

27 Aug

Free Software Day!

Tomorrow is “Software Freedom Day” and as a user, suporter and contributor to Open Source Software I highly recommend that you all go have a look, and if you can grab TheOpenCD do so. This disk has a wealth of software for Windows that will make your life simplier, easier and save you money.

27 Jun

New Software

Ok well I have decided to go mainstream. I found I could not add the features I wanted to my software and keep my content up to date. So welcome to the new Brog Blog powered by WordPress.

20 Jun

Haiku the new BeOS

Haiku Logo
I have just read some news about my favourite operating system, BeOS. The OpenSource derivative of BeOS has just got its first official name, Haiku.

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