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06 Feb

Quick update

Ok so as you can see the site looks a little different.  I have updated to the latest version of WordPress and decided that a new look was in order as well.  One theme change later and here we are. Hope you like it.

29 Apr

Simple Update

Just updated my site to the latest version of WordPress. Should be a simple task, ftp the new files save a couple of configs and presto all done. Except I could not get ftp to work properly to my server… took me 3 hours, 4 programs, a lot of frustration before I used the site […]

27 Jul

Web Designer, Me?

Ok I have had my first website design published. About a year ago friends of mine asked if I could help update their business website. They were expecting increased focus on the business and realised that the site was not “up to scratch”. Well it was pretty bad, you know the type, put together by […]

10 Jul

Loosing Comments

For those making comments and them not appearingl, I am sorry. My site is being floaded by spam comments at the moment, approx 100 – 200 a day, and I am loosing real comments in the clean up. I will be installing the newest version of wordpress soon to hopefully make things easier. edit: Ok […]

03 Jan

New Year

This year we got away from home for a few days. We went out to see Dani’s mum and stay a few days, so leaving the father in law to go and see the mother in law, sounds crazy but we needed the change. So we towed my brothers trailer out with some furniture for […]

21 Dec

New xmas style.

Just made a quick xmas style for you all. If you can’t see it click here!

09 Nov

Firefox 1.0 is OUT!

Ok so the first full version of Firefox is out. Get it now…

21 Oct


Ali at CaffeEcletic has a pointer to an online handwritting analysis site. I love this stuff, used to do a little when I was younger. Well as you could guess here is what it say’s about me. For a graphologist, the spacing on the page reflects the writer’s attitude toward their own world and relationship […]

03 Oct

Comics I read

Ok I have added the links to online comics that I read daily. Now you will be able to tell just how strange I am :razz:. I will go throught the list in alphabetical order (same as the links): Alpha Shade This one I have only just started reading, and the detail and quality of […]

30 Aug

Blue Moon and Spam

Ok tonight is a blue moon ! This is a very rare event and one that should be marked in some way, here in Australia we decided to call an election. Yay! 😕 Last month the America’s had a blue moon on the 31st of July. Well now it is our turn. Due to the […]

06 Aug

Annoying Game

Ok this has to be one of the most anoying games. waste paper basketball.

06 Jul

Site Updates

Ok just a few more changes. I have added “Grins” and “Style Switcher” from Alex King’s site. These are very cool. So now you can change the style (all but the Asian one are from Alex’s site) and the site will remember and I have smilies on the comments. Enjoy.

04 Jul

New Style

Ok as you can see I have done some basic changes to the style here. I am working on a style switcher extention for WordPress (if I can’t find one) so you will be able to pick the one you like.

27 Jun

New Game to play

Ok for all you that have too much time on your hands Walk the Drunk

27 Jun

New Software

Ok well I have decided to go mainstream. I found I could not add the features I wanted to my software and keep my content up to date. So welcome to the new Brog Blog powered by WordPress.

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