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16 Jan


Has the world gone crazy? or is it just me?

08 Nov

Drivers as a reflection of our society

I know by the end of this post I am going to sound like an old man talking about the good old days, but you know what I don’t care!

30 Oct

Terror Laws – Terrorfied

Our federal government is thinking of introducing new “Anti-Terror” Laws. Now there is a couple of laws in this that I think I understand and am very concerned about. The first is “Preventative Detention”, under these changes a person may have controlled detention or movement if the Police or other agency believes this will prevent […]

26 Oct


I am staggered by our government at this time. There is currently a investigation underway looking at the wrongfull detention by the immigration department under the governments current illegal immigrant detention policy. It has come to light that over 220 people have been wrongfully detained at least twelve over 1 year and 2 people detained […]

19 Jul

White Australia??

Ok, over the last two days I am getting really worried about our society and where it is heading. Last night the current affairs show ACA had a guest. An associate professor in the Department of Public Law at Macquarie University, Andrew Fraser, was on to explain his views on immigration. This all started with […]

07 Jul

London Shaken

I am currently watching the news with some horror. In London a whole world away it seems there has been a large co-ordinated terrorist attack. Now at this point I must say one thing, the English are just so different from their mainland neighbours. They seem so calm in the face of this compared to […]

20 Jun

Social Comment

After reading an entry on Tonya’s site, and having a chat with my good friend (pommie_al), I have decided to write up some things that have been nagging me for a while. Our continuing drive to growth, wealth creation, corporate and private greed is going to be the undoing off our society. However I am […]

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