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08 Jun

Move completed… well almost

So we are out of the new house an into the new. Now we just have to spend weeks and months unpacking 🙁

01 Jun

Moving this weekend

Ok so we are moving this weekend and for once we a basically ready. So our forecast for the next couple of days… rain and more rain. Not heavy just constant. Monday when the truck arrives should be dry (man I hope so).

26 Feb

Monty has left us today

My dog Monty had to leave us today.  After a few weeks of treatment for degenerative disc disease.  This is where there is calcification and fluid build up around the discs in his spine.  Today he lost complete movement and control on both of his back legs.  Treatments have been unsuccessful and the next option […]

27 Jan

Storms last night

Between 6:30 and 9:00pm last night we had some very savage storms that included nearly 40mm of rain and winds up to 30km/h.  All in all we got off pretty well, no broken trees, roof tiles gone and no garden furniture in the neighbours yard.  The Garage/Shed leaked but it always does. However just before […]

31 Jul

Busy Times

Firstly an apology to all for not updating this blog in a long time. I have been spending a lot of time on the Electric Motorcycle Blog so this site has been neglected.  My new job and my electric bike has been taking a lot of my time and so my photography and other projects […]

17 Feb

Feeling sore, sorry and silly

So I am home today not feeling too well and it is all my own fault.  On Saturday while getting stuff ready to go to the recycling center I bumped my head.  Doesn’t sound to bad does it.  Well I bumped my head on the latch of the garage door, you know that sharp angular […]

13 Aug

Yesterday I Resigned

After 13 years with my current employer I am moving on.  I have the opportunity to join a new team within one of our Federal Government Departments and make a significant difference to the computing systems and software development methodologies.

06 Jun

Half a year nearly gone

So far this year has flown by, quantity of work and pressures to deliver on time has not given me much time to do much other than work and live.  I have started work on an electric bike but effort has been limited to about 4 – 8 hours a week. Dani is currently up […]

19 May

Life Changes comming

In the next week or two I should have some major news. Stay tuned.

02 May

Feeling run down

Ok so for the last couple of months I have been run down and feeling a little overwhelmed.  After a little prompting from my wife I made a doctors appt.  My doctor sent me off to get a series of blood test.  One week later I had the results. So my cholesterol is fine, my […]

25 Dec

Christmas Message

My son left a note for Santa last night. He didn’t tell us he was going to do it and he was very hi-tech about it.  On his bedside table he left his DS running with the chat program up. The message “Hi Santa” written large on the screen. What was I to do, ignore […]

26 Apr

Brother’s Cancer Update

Ok so my brother has had all but one round of Chemo now. His latest PET scan gave him an all clear so that is great. Now they have to decide to do two rounds of radiation treatment to be sure. Either way he will be home in June at the latest. Way to go […]

08 Mar

Feeling sore and sorry

Well it had to happen some time, I came of the bike today.  I am ok a swollen knee with some skin burned off.  I was wearing my full kit on, my big boots, draggin jeans, jacket with armor, leather full gloves and my new full face helmet. Basically I had a bad headache this […]

09 Dec

Daughter’s Yr 10 Formal

Ok this won’t be a post about how old this makes me feel… My daughter is going to her Yr10 Formal in just over 1 hour and I will be spending most of that time taking photos of her prior to driving her to the event. Photos coming here.

10 Nov

Movember Update #1

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