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01 Sep

Telecommunications is a wonderful thing

Ok as you saw we had “issues” with our phone. Yesterday morning the repairman came and climbed up the pole at the back of the house (yep pole, yep backyard, Canberra is a strange place) and tested the line. Well needless to say it was BAD, so 4 or 5 poles later he found the […]

30 Aug

Faulty Phone

For the last few weeks the home phone has been incredibly noisy. I believe it is something to do with all the wind and rain, as we have an aerial lead in line to the house. I have looked at the cabling under the house (which is not very pretty) and determined that it is […]

07 Jul

Camera Fixed!! — NOT

Ok so my Pentax K10d was in my bags when I fell off my motorbike and it has been away to be fixed. Basically the camera was sound however it would not read any SD card. Repair was a new mainboard as the connector plug had snapped off. Well I got it back today, let […]

11 Apr

The fun of moving

Moving is a tedious job, fraught with dangers at every turn. Hubby’s study, in particular, is a mine of disasters waiting to happen. So here is our weekend, me sick and in pain trying my best to be helpful …. while hubby decides to “tidy” his study. This monumental effort usually involves throwing out copious […]

23 Mar

Goofy parent moment

Australia has an interesting tradition. Just before easter children are encouraged to convince their parents to make them easter hats, which they will duly claim as their own wonderful creation. Among the more competitive mums, this (keep up with little Paige/Brittany/Apple’s) hat race can develop into a stoush that could rival big brother. The following […]

15 Mar

Flickr Fun

As you can see on my sidebar I have a Flickr account and I love it! One of the amazing things about Flickr is the API’s that allow people to create great applications that interact with Flickr. Here are a couple of my favourites. ColorPicker Flickr Postcard Flickr Screensaver

24 Feb

Pentax *ist Ds Review

Ok a little while back I told you all that I had got a new camera. A very nice new digital SLR from Pentax. Now for all you out there that don’t know what SLR means I found this great definition: An SLR or single-lens reflex is really designed for the enthusiast photographer or the […]

08 Jan

First Picture

Orange Sunset,originally uploaded by Splinter. Ok here is the first (real) picture out of the new camera. Very nice sunset for the first day with my new camera.

07 Jan

New Camera

Ok it’s offical I am SPOILT! Today I bought a new camera, one I have been eyeing for a while. So I am the proud new owner of a Pentax *ist Ds Digital SLR. This is a wonderful camera and I will soon figure out how to take a photo so you can all see […]

08 Oct

New webcam

Ok so I have a new webcam! So if you know my MSN Messanger account (I think you can look up my details easy) I can send you a video stream while we chat. Otherwise look at this temporary page that is being updated. Sorry about the ads, testing some free software.

28 Aug

Bose Suspension System

Ok so here is something a little different. Bose, the famous speaker makers, have come up with a new suspension system for cars. This looks really cool, and active suspension system that uses linear electromagnetic motors to control each wheel. Each of the linear motors can push the wheel towards the ground or pull it […]

18 May

“Thinking” Shoe

Ok now I have seen it all, the guys at Adidas have come up with the “ultimate” shoe. This shoe is amazing, it has a powerful processor that determins the type and condition of the road you are running on and adjusts the “firmness” of the heel to compensate. Adjusting the cushioning based on the […]

01 Apr

Great Movie Doll

Watched an “interesting” TV show last night. It takes a very light and witty view of the enterainment industry. “Mondo Thingo” has very understated humour. Last night they were talking about movie dolls, and I now have a new favourite. Apperantly the Adam Sandler Doll “Litl’ Nicky” was voted the best movie doll, but “Mondo […]

19 Jun

New Phone with Bluetooth

Short review of my new Sony Ericsson T68i

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