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11 Oct

Canberra EV Festival

On October the 4th Canberra hosted an Electric Vehicle festival on the grounds of old parliament house.  At the show was a complete range of Electric and Electric assist vehicles (hybrid).  Two old Detroit Electric cars at one extreme and a Tesla Roadster at the other.  Along with the large companies showing off their almost […]

12 Mar

Rally of Canberra

I have spent the last two day getting covered in Dust and sunburnt. I Loved it!!! Look here (set the time to 1 sec)

08 Nov

Drivers as a reflection of our society

I know by the end of this post I am going to sound like an old man talking about the good old days, but you know what I don’t care!

15 Aug

Going on two

Well I am doing it! I am going to be using two wheels to get to work very soon.

28 Aug

Bose Suspension System

Ok so here is something a little different. Bose, the famous speaker makers, have come up with a new suspension system for cars. This looks really cool, and active suspension system that uses linear electromagnetic motors to control each wheel. Each of the linear motors can push the wheel towards the ground or pull it […]

31 Jul

Looking back on looking forward

Via slashdot I found this great site about Visionary Designs in Transportation Engineering. I am quite concerned about the Pneumatic Transportation.

30 Jul

First Trip in the “New Car”

In a previous post I talked about the selection of my New Car, a Peugeot 307 HDi. Here is a brief account of our first trip in this car. Just a quick reminder about the car for those of you that have not read my article about the purchase process. This car is a five […]

20 Jun

New Car Search

Early this year I decided to bundle a car lease into my remuneration package. I ended up making an interesting choice in both the make, engine type and size of car. Firstly I would like to spell out the reasons for getting a new car. My previous car (by the way it is for sale, […]

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