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14 Nov

Where has this year gone!

Ok this year time has flown so fast.  Seems like it was only a couple of months ago I was with the in-laws for Christmas.  Now we are planning to have my family over this year.  Three brothers, their partners and kids, my Mum and Dad and my wife and kids.  It will be a […]

11 Oct

Canberra EV Festival

On October the 4th Canberra hosted an Electric Vehicle festival on the grounds of old parliament house.  At the show was a complete range of Electric and Electric assist vehicles (hybrid).  Two old Detroit Electric cars at one extreme and a Tesla Roadster at the other.  Along with the large companies showing off their almost […]

07 Sep

Father’s Day

I had a great day yesterday.  I was given some shirts, a diary, Turkish delight and musk lollies.  After breakfast we went to Temora, home of the famous Temora Aviation Museum.  Temora has the philosophy that all its exhibits must be not only capable of flying but are flown regularly.  They have approx 6 flying days a […]

01 Sep

Telecommunications is a wonderful thing

Ok as you saw we had “issues” with our phone. Yesterday morning the repairman came and climbed up the pole at the back of the house (yep pole, yep backyard, Canberra is a strange place) and tested the line. Well needless to say it was BAD, so 4 or 5 poles later he found the […]

30 Aug

Faulty Phone

For the last few weeks the home phone has been incredibly noisy. I believe it is something to do with all the wind and rain, as we have an aerial lead in line to the house. I have looked at the cabling under the house (which is not very pretty) and determined that it is […]

27 Aug

Evacuated – 4:15 am

Ok we had a rude awakening this morning as a way too loud policeman was bashing on our door. Seems that some nutter had stolen a tradesman’s van, taken some tools and then dumped it in the park over the road.  They then decided to torch it. The fire brigade got there about 2:30 and […]

23 Mar

Accident update

Ok so it is just over two weeks after the accident with the bike. I am off the crutches and just using a walking stick at the moment. I should be off that in a week at most. The burn is almost fully healed and the swelling is mostly gone, I am going to have […]

30 Sep

Dani’s Shoulder

Dani went into hospital last Tuesday to have her right shoulder operated on.  The doctors diagnoses Bersitius a while back but were not keen to refer her to a surgeon.  However after 18 months since the incident  that caused the problem and the shoulder only getting worse, we insisted on the referal. So the operation […]

17 Aug


I got one of my photos in the local Canberra Times yesterday. A reporter from the paper joined the Canberra Flickr group for a walk through Tidbinbilla Nature reserve with the aim of writing a feature in the “Arts” section of the Saturday paper.  The reporter was great, genuinely interested and really great to talk […]

23 Oct

Splinter – Not a Vampire!

Apparently I do have a life during daylight hours. My family is seeing me before sunset for the first time in over 3 months. This has nothing to do with the longer days coming into summer and everything to do with the fact I am now working sensible hours.  The last two months of my […]

03 Aug

Another year!

Well I have survived another year on this planet! With one year left before I hit the magic 40 I am happy with my life, family and future. We have all fitted into Canberra quiet well Dani is getting a good amount of casual work, the kids are doing well at school with my girl […]

28 May

Getting Cold

Well over the last 2 weeks it has been getting very cold in Canberra in the mornings. Every morning has been below zero degrees Celsius and we have had a minimum of -4 one morning. You all might be wondering if I still think the scooter was a good idea. Well I am still riding, […]

07 May

Catch up time

Ok so work has been worse the last few months than I could possibly imagine.  However we just got the core of the project over and done with and things look like they might settle down.  This is so overdue as my home life has been badly effected by the current work load. Now I […]

12 Mar

Rally of Canberra

I have spent the last two day getting covered in Dust and sunburnt. I Loved it!!! Look here (set the time to 1 sec)

28 Jan


Well we have moved and we are connected to the world again.  🙂 We got all our furniture and stuff moved in about 4 hours, with the help of two very good friends and One Man Removals.  So a big thanks to Jason, Robert and Jeff from One Man Removals.  We were able to move […]

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