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25 Nov

Another year passing away

This year has flown by, both work and home life have been amazingly busy.
Milestones have come and gone this year:

  • I am now 45
  • my daughter turns 20 in a week
  • my son turned 14
  • in December I will celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary
  • one full year as a public servant has come and gone
  • the computer system upgrade I have been working on for 2 years has gone live

There are however many things I have not done this year (mostly due to time constraints due to the last item above) that I am planning to do next year. First and foremost would be a real holiday, you know all the family go somewhere and do something., Tasmania seems like a likely spot.

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    Beryle Says:

    Your milestones are great!!!! Pleased you are alive and noticing them!!!! I can recommend Tasmania for a getaway so hope you can get there and enjoy it.

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