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17 Feb

Feeling sore, sorry and silly

So I am home today not feeling too well and it is all my own fault.  On Saturday while getting stuff ready to go to the recycling center I bumped my head.  Doesn’t sound to bad does it.  Well I bumped my head on the latch of the garage door, you know that sharp angular piece of metal that hangs just a little lower than the rest of the door.

So there I am sitting on the ground with a small amount of blood saying very nasty things.  Dani helped me inside and I placed an ice pack on the spot for about an hour.  I had only grazed the skin no real wound, just one heck of a bruise.  Later that day I felt fine but Sunday I had an extremely bad headache and doing anything just made it worse.

Monday morning I felt fine and went to work.  Monday afternoon another large headache and home early, same on Tuesday.  I saw the doctor yesterday and although nothing major is wrong, no bleeding, no clots and no breaks she gave me the rest of the week off to relax at home.  Apparently even with  mild concussion I may be getting headaches for a couple of weeks…  wonderful.

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    Beryle Castley Says:

    Just read your blog – poor you! Scary part is that you would have ridden your bike t work! Pleased it was nothing worse. Hope all is well again now.

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