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27 Sep

New Job – Kinda

I started my new job about two weeks ago and so far it is, well exactly like my old job.  For the last 4 years or so I have been working on the Australian and Border Protection account for IBM.  This has been challenging and at time frustrating, for the last 2 years of this time the team size dropped from 6 or 7 down to one (me).  With it the impact I was able to have decreases as I was more involved in the mundane day to day work.  At the same time the Australian Federal government started to implement recommendations from the Gershon Review.  The review recommended many changes in the way IT spend was controlled within government agencies.  This provided the agencies with challenges and opportunities for controlling spending.

As a person external to the agency I noticed my influence was decreasing and the knowledge and skill I had acquired over my 20 years in the industry was not being utilized.  At the same time the agencies were advertising high level Architecture and Design positions that had the influence within the organization to make a significant difference.

So I am now a Technical Executive in Customs and Border Protection, working in a new team of 11 to refresh and rehost one of the most significant software assets the agency has and only 12 months to do it.

Wish me luck!

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