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30 Aug

Faulty Phone

For the last few weeks the home phone has been incredibly noisy. I believe it is something to do with all the wind and rain, as we have an aerial lead in line to the house. I have looked at the cabling under the house (which is not very pretty) and determined that it is all sound and dry.

It has got worse just lately, the last 5 days we have no dial tone and anyone ringing us just rings out. I bypassed our central adsl filter (conveniently located right in the middle under the house) with no improvement. During this time our ADSL speed has dropped to 1/6th of what it normally is to a pitifully low 0.5Mb a second.

The technician is due tomorrow morning so hopefully it will be resolved.

Sorry for anyone trying to contact us… however our mobiles still work.

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    Splinter Says:

    Phone is fixed we are in communication again.

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