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27 Aug

Evacuated – 4:15 am

Ok we had a rude awakening this morning as a way too loud policeman was bashing on our door. Seems that some nutter had stolen a tradesman’s van, taken some tools and then dumped it in the park over the road.  They then decided to torch it.

The fire brigade got there about 2:30 and had the fire suppressed fairly quickly.  However when they inspected the wreck they noticed one or more compressed gas tanks in the back.  Closer inspection showed them to be Oxy-Acetylene.  They checked the tempreture of the tanks and confirmed they were still rising due to “internal activity”.

At that time the bomb squad was called and an exclusion zone with a radius of over 200 meters was created.  That included our house.

I need sleep right now.

2 Responses to “Evacuated – 4:15 am”

  1. 1
    Beryle Castley Says:

    Sorry to hear you were awoken at such an hour but did the tanks blow?????

  2. 2
    Splinter Says:

    It didn’t thankfully. We were called around 1pm and told that we could go back home. Got a snippet in the paper and the Local TV news.

    Will post up some more detail on the weekend.

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