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18 Oct


Ok it is now one of the biggest problems in desktop systems. According to Dell and The Financial Express approx 90% of all [Desktop] computers are infected by spyware.

A new site GetNetWise gives some basic pointers on how to avoid and remove spyware.

My basic advice:

  • Install a personal firewall that detects outgoing connections (ZoneAlarm, Norton Security, etc)
  • Install and run a virus scanner – any one is fine
  • Avoid using Internet Explorer and Outlook whereever possible
  • Turn off all services you don’t require, sharing, IIS etc.
  • Get and run a good spyware removal tool (Adaware, Spybot, etc) – DON’T get a spyware tool from an embedded webpage add! Most of these are fake and will install Spyware.

3 Responses to “Spyware”

  1. 1
    Ivette01 Says:


  2. 2
    Darren Says:

    People still use IE? 😛

  3. 3
    Splinter Says:

    Yea Darren I am amazed too. I work in the industry so friends are always asking me to help them with problems. I am always shocked at how little they know and how open they are. A lady across the road had here machine hit by the Sasser virus only 3 months ago, this old virus and many others are active because the majority of people don’t do the right things.

    I can’t blame them, they don’t know better, but the people who sell the computers the OEM dealers that don’t preinstall suitable software, that don’t provide security updates via CD, that don’t even talk to the people they sell the computers too, they really make my blood boil.

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