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31 Oct

Another turn of the page

Well …. thats the last of it. Today I delivered my stroller to my cousin for her gorgeous baby daughter. Yesterday I had the garage sale, sold all the baby toys and nappies. Then I bundled up what was left and delivered it to the Salvos. I have kept a few things …… the rocker, […]

27 Oct

New Photo’s with new lens

Transparent Thought, originally uploaded by Splinter. I bought a new lens for my old Pentax K1000 SLR. I then proceeded to take 40 odd photos in and around Brisbane. Here is one of my favourites.

26 Oct

Brisbane City Trees

city trees 2.JPG, originally uploaded by Splinter. A little while back I realised that I liked photography and was not doing enough. While I was in Canberra I took many photos and have posted quite a lot here. Well it is time I started showing off my home city of Brisbane. These beautiful Morten Bay […]

26 Oct

Visitors, Still!

A while back my lovely wife wrote about our visitors. Well we still have one, my father-in-law. He has be very unwell and while not in hospital he has been at out place for nearly 2 months now. This has been very hard on us, we have never really had a close relationship with him, […]

22 Oct

File Extension?

Other than being really windows based, as OSX and BeOS and Unix don’t care about file extensions, I decided to give this Quiz a run. Which File Extension are You?

21 Oct


Ali at CaffeEcletic has a pointer to an online handwritting analysis site. I love this stuff, used to do a little when I was younger. Well as you could guess here is what it say’s about me. For a graphologist, the spacing on the page reflects the writer’s attitude toward their own world and relationship […]

18 Oct


Ok it is now one of the biggest problems in desktop systems. According to Dell and The Financial Express approx 90% of all [Desktop] computers are infected by spyware. A new site GetNetWise gives some basic pointers on how to avoid and remove spyware. My basic advice: Install a personal firewall that detects outgoing connections […]

17 Oct


Well after the last three months providing the lowest rainfall on record, bushfires and drought, it is raining and has been most of the day!!! 10mm and counting, by the sounds of it will be raining all night.

10 Oct

Drunks are funny – he he he

Hubby had a blah day today …… and decided to solve it with slightly more than half a bottle of wine tonite. Now witnessing this is always a reminder of why he usually doesn’t drink. He has a low body weight, and a fast metabolism. This means that the alcohol hits his system fast. Within […]

09 Oct

Election Day

It is Federal Election day in Australia! We get to chose if we retain John Howard and his Liberal Party (Conservatives) in government or put in place the Labour Party (Socialists) in. The campaign has been run on “Trust” being the keyword, but both major parties have a different take on this word. The Liberals […]

08 Oct

New webcam

Ok so I have a new webcam! So if you know my MSN Messanger account (I think you can look up my details easy) I can send you a video stream while we chat. Otherwise look at this temporary page that is being updated. Sorry about the ads, testing some free software.

08 Oct

Fire’s in and around Brisbane

Ok today it got to 36o degrees celsius today and wind gusts up to 66Km/hr. Since this is the 3rd or 4th day in a row of high temperatures and winds several fires have broken out around the city. These have mostly been grass and bush fires, however due to the layout of Brisbane and […]

03 Oct

Comics I read

Ok I have added the links to online comics that I read daily. Now you will be able to tell just how strange I am :razz:. I will go throught the list in alphabetical order (same as the links): Alpha Shade This one I have only just started reading, and the detail and quality of […]

02 Oct

National Novel Writing Month

Ok via whoever it was that brought me here will have to take me home (aka Bartspace) I found out about the National Novel Writing Month. Now it seems to be challange for all budding writers to complete a novel in one month. That’s right 50,000 words in 30 days! Now it seems like Darren […]

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